Pacifica Residents for Preserving the Quarry – Seriously?

Please do not feed me bullshit. I don’t like the taste.

I am holding in my hand a mailer from “Pacifica Residents for Preserving the Quarry”. Apparently the shills in front of the grocery stores are not getting enough signatures (You might want to hire some more) so now we are getting petitions direct mailed.

It’s the same disinformation – “Save the Quarry from the developers” but the word re-zoning NEVER appears on the slick mailer at all.  Extra Granola on this one “green” slick printed multipage piece of junk mail- I think they should have added a picture of a puppy playing with a balloon, though.  That would be cute. I like puppies.

In a way, maybe this is better – I actually have less concern about fraud compared to the card table shills, because if you tried to submit fraudulent material through the mail and got caught, we can go after mail fraud as well as voter fraud. So maybe this direct mail petition is superior to the way it is normally done – gathering the signatures in a public place.

Then again, I don’t know that the hidden powers behind “Pacifica Residents for Preserving The Quarry” are smart enough to realize this – their behavior up to now has shown a certain contempt for Pacifica and it’s residents.  If they believe that we are buying the BS that slapping up a 200 unit yuppie storage complex is “Preserving the Quarry” then they might even think they can get away with tricks to circumvent our ballot process.

But enough of my paranoia.  What set me off is not the potential for voter fraud, it’s the damn name.  Seriously.  If they called themselves “Pacificans for Rezoning the Quarry”  or “Pacifica Residents That Think Low Income Apartments and Lots of Traffic On The Beach are a Good Idea” I would be ok with it.  Hell, I’d shake the hand of the man with the stones to call a spade a goddamn shovel.

But you don’t become a millionaire absentee landlord by shooting straight I guess.   Apparently you do it by putting up dummy “grass roots” groups, shading the truth if not outright lying, working through proxies, and saying what you need to say to get your way and make your dough.  Real Estate is big business and Huele stands ready to get a lot of nice rent checks mailed to him in Michigan, if he can just fool those dumb ol’ hippies in Pacifica into thinking that apartment complexes are a form of ecological recovery.

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  1. Sadly, a lot of folks in this town are easily distracted by shiny objects (or shiny mailers as the case may be). Just take a look at the people who run the Fix Pacifica blog: Apparently, they really, truly believe there is an unspoken, pent up demand by rockstars and promoters alike for a cold, damp, seaside “amphitheater.” No need to truck-in heavy, faux fog machines: Pacifica can supply free fog in spades. Think of the savings.

    Thanks for your efforts to expose these charlatans.

  2. OH NO! After posting my last comment I saw this:

    Amphitheater at THAT spot has potential to be a great musical venue – like Mountain Winery in Saratoga or even the Shoreline. Yes, more traffic again, but it is manageable- Saratoga manages to survive Mountain Winery shows with one lane in and out.

    A bit of branding and some effective marketing and now Pacifica has many people driving over the hills at non rush hour times to come to events, maybe spend the night, leave a pile of money behind, and go home. I would even propose and volunteer to promote a new festival – maybe the “Rockaway Beach Folk and Art Festival” to drive brand awareness. I can state without reservation that we can get headline talent into a venue with the location and demographic of Rockaway Beach. It just takes promotion.

    Dude — Shoreline was a joint project by the late, great Bill Graham and the city of Mountain View. BG built Shoreline because he knew he had the clout to fill it. And The Mountain Winery is a historic spot that has been hosting bands/artists since the 1950s in a breathtaking venue that can actually be seen and appreciated in the evening. (You can’t see the ocean at night from an amphitheater — you can just feel the cold, damp air.)

    Here, we are talking about the equivalent of Schneider (the apartment superintendent from One Day at a Time) pretending that, if he just says “amphitheater,” it will be. Maybe in the movies, but not in real life. There are no actual plans to build an amphitheater — it is just a red herring Schneider threw in the mix because he knew it would sound interesting to people who are not paying attention.

  3. Great point re: Amphitheater – I may go back into the post and edit it, although this site is really not supposed to be about me or my plan at all.

    If you were to re-read my plan, please mentally substitute the word “Venue” for Amphitheater. Frankly, the Shoreline Bill Graham/Community example you cite could have legs…

    I completely agree and have no doubt of your point that “Amphitheater” for the Eenhoorns means “We’ll plant grass at the bottom of this pit and call it an amphitheater, the hippies love that crap ” (Spoken in a Dutch rustbelt accent). So lets just say “Venue”. My read is that a 1000-1500 seat venue would be a draw. It would not need to be open air like Mountain Winery or Shoreline. From an accoustic standpoint, frankly its a lot easier if it is not. The point is to have a destination – to have some “Sizzle” to get cars coming over the hill to Pacifica with the intention of leaving some disposable income behind. That draws traffic to the hotels, and also gives a steady fodder of reasons for press releases promoting tourism and marketing Rockaway as a destination.

    Going back to your point about Shoreline – Substitute LiveNation for BGP, work WITH them and sell them on the potential long term revenue stream from a venue located in this market, and I am confident there is partnership potential. EXTREMELY CONFIDENT. I also can state with confidence that at least two past Grammy winners would add the venue to their next tour. The venue is less important to the community than the hotel rooms, but the venue allows those hotel rooms to maintain good occupancy rates at premium prices. Hotel tax has a much higher return to the city than sales tax. MUCH higher.

    Again, this whole blog is really “Just My Opinion”. I appreciate your response, because you helped me tighten up the language. However, I would t let you know that the odds of me implementing even a small part of this plan would currently have to be examined with a microscope as they are extremely small.

    1. Literally laughing out loud at ““We’ll plant grass at the bottom of this pit and call it an amphitheater, the hippies love that crap ” (Spoken in a Dutch rustbelt accent).”

      I hear you and I agree. IF Schneider had come in with an actual plan (crayon drawings on the back of a cocktail napkin don’t count), backed by people with experience designing, building, operating, and filling (ahem) “venues,” I would (maybe, kind of sort of, perhaps) be optimistic. But Schneider ain’t got that kind of street cred and Bill Graham is dead Fred.

      And then there is the inconvenient truth that this magical mystical “venue” is slated to be within a stone’s throw of a 200+ unit housing development. Cuz, you know, rock concerts and residents make perfect bedfellows.

      If you are still here when I get back from feeding my unicorn, we can chat about the viability of the fantasy hotel with its 2,500 square foot luxury “bungalows.”

      Yes, hotels generate lots of revenue. And I love a luxury hotel as much as the next person, BUT the odds that Schnieder has ANY connection to a hotel operator capable of (much less interested) in bringing a 3-D version of his “vision” to Pacifica is about as great as my actually having a unicorn to feed.

      This is all about housing. Period. End.


  4. Listen, I want to live next to a defective sewage treatment plant as much as the next person, but they’ll have to cook LOTS of chicken tenders to cover the smell in the “Geek Amphitheatre.”

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