Here We Go Again!

The Rockaway Quarry is once again the focus of a rezoning campaign by an out of town developer. At first glance, this is foolhardy – the town has defeated two nearly identical attempts over the past 15 years.  The plan basically boils down to “We are going to put up an awesome hotel and businesses and stuff in that nasty old quarry – but we cannot pay to do that unless we can put up a few hundred residential units as well. ”
This is not the activity of a “Developer”- this is pure speculation.  The reality is that in the face of the ludicrous housing prices in the bay area, this speculator stands to make a whole lot of money if he can pull that off, and what’s more, he’s not going to have to live in the mess he has created.

With this site I seek to share information as I uncover it regarding this plan and initiative. More to come!


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